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Barcus Associates was established in 1985, specializing in high-tech sales, marketing and support searches throughout the United States, Canada, and Western Europe. Since then, our services have expanded to fulfill the growing needs of our clients. By building our business around the requirements of our customers, we have continued to help them compete in an ever-changing market.

Our services include Retained Search, Contingency Search, Stipend Recruiting, Research Recruiting, Contract and Temporary Staffing, Outplacement Workshops, Reference Checking, and Corporate Recruitment Training. Searches are conducted for management roles and key individual contributors. All fees are the responsibility of the hiring company.



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RETAINED SEARCH assures dedicated time and staff resources, as well as relieving the client of all but the final interviewing steps. It is especially effective for positions at or above the regional management level, or for clients without the internal staff to coordinate and implement the details of the recruitment and hiring process.

At the client’s option, our representative meets with client management, participates in developing position descriptions, and collaborates on candidate profiles. Together we establish target industries and companies, and competitive financial packages and determine time frames. Barcus Associates conducts research, recruitment, interviewing, referencing and arranges for optional testing on a timely basis to satisfy client objectives.

CONTINGENCY SEARCHES are specifically conducted for the client’s position. Again, consultation with the hiring company determines target industries for recruitment research and sourcing. We identify, screen and qualify potential candidates against job requirements, matching their skills and career goals with the client’s culture and position criteria before finalists are presented for consideration. The Barcus Associates Account Executive and client representative work closely together to educate candidates on the opportunity and company, increasing both the number of interested candidates and the probability of offer acceptance.

STIPEND RECRUITING offers reduced cost recruiting for volume assignment clients. It combines a low monthly retainer with a reduced contingency fee for a specified number of assignments over a given period of time. Additionally, this option assures Barcus Associates staff availability for the client’s assignments.

RESEARCH RECRUITING for client recruiting efforts is available on an hourly basis. Our professional research associates network by industry, position and target companies to provide lists of target individuals and potential candidate resumes. A minimum of 20 hours is required. (Scheduling and availability of research recruiting is limited.)

REFERENCE CHECKING services are offered at a nominal fee, relieving your human resources professionals of a time-consuming task. An impartial Barcus Associates staff member will use your questions, our standard form, or a combination thereof to provide you with written, objective feedback from the candidates list of references.

CONTRACT AND TEMPORARY STAFFING is available for both short and long term assignments. Outsourcing relieves you of tax, workers’ compensation, benefit, payroll, and unemployment liability issues. The contractor is an employee of our Contract Staffing Division; you pay only an hourly rate for the time actually worked.

EMPLOYER OF RECORD ™ RATE CALCULATOR: Do you have the perfect candidate, butEmployer of Record™ Rate Caclulator you don’t want to add him/her to your payroll? Outsource your employment headaches by using our Employer of Record™ service. For a nominal cost we hire the candidate, handle the taxes, insurance, benefits, payroll funding, payroll processing, etc. You pay one simple invoice. How much will it cost? Our Employer of Record™ Rate Calculator will help you determine the hourly rates.

OUTPLACEMENT assistance effectively reduces costs of work force reduction by decreasing the likelihood of related lawsuits and settlements, and decreasing unemployment benefit costs through accelerated re-employment. The vast majority of participants in outside outplacement programs find new positions within 60 days.

Our basic three-day outplacement workshop, "Achieving Successful Career Changes" includes two days of intensive, interactive job search training and one day of stress management training. Based on the book, Be Your Own Headhunter, A Complete, Step-by-Step Guide to Getting the Job You Want, by Carolyn Barcus, the program includes the following major subjects:

Preparing Effective Resumes and Cover Letters

Researching and Reaching the Job Market

Building a Job Search Network in New Industries

Developing Successful Interviewing Skills

Obtaining and Evaluating an Offer

Stress and Time Management Skills

We also offer in-house outplacement training, and custom programs to meet your company’s specific needs.

 CORPORATE RECRUITMENT TRAINING assists our client’s human resources professionals in developing uniform interviewing procedures among the company’s hiring authorities, implementing non-traditional in-house recruiting techniques, improving reference checking, and cost-effective utilization of outside recruiting sources when required. Programs are customized to meet each client’s specific requirements.

Through extensive consultation with your management team, we make concrete recommendations to meet your specific growth needs and create focused programs for your particular developmental requirements.


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Recruiting, Outplacement, Training—all reduce your costs and increase your profits through improved employee morale and production. We request the opportunity to show you the benefits of our services.



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